Sales & Account Management

Challenges we help others with

  • Shifting sellers’ perspective from traditional product sales, to understanding and solving for customer outcomes.
  • Gaining consensus among decision makers in an increasingly complex decision-making process.
  • Increasing the win rates when responding to RFPs.
  • Equipping salespeople to evaluate, analyze, and prioritize running their territory like a business owner.
  • Having effective customer price increase conversations in an inflationary and increasingly competitive market.
  • Equipping sellers to be effective in virtual  environment and digital tools.
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Our Take

Sellers are too driven by selling their own ‘stuff’.

With this misplaced focus, they fail to understand the wide array of customers’ needs, partner with them and provide value.

Lack of proper preparation leads to inefficient, low-value conversations

Prepared people deliver insights and relevance, differentiating them from their more generic competition.

Sellers are often unaware of the full landscape of the account.

They don't know the breadth of influencers and decision makers across an organization. Without this perspective, they struggle to form an effective plan to move the sale forward.

Too often, RFPs just show up in your inbox, forcing you into a reactive position.

If you weren't positioned to shape the RFP you were just handed, how do you turn put your company into the most favorable position to win?

Most strategic selling programs focus on complex worksheets, and we’re not a fan.

They are poorly maintained, leveraged and rarely win new business. They are only as good as the information feeding them, which is often suspect due to a breakdown in sales skills. Garbage in, garbage out.

Selling in virtual channels has never been more important.

Being compelling takes a different approach on screen than it does in a live meeting. Keep people from figuratively and literally “walking out of the room”.

Most sellers try to jump in and solve a problem too quickly.

Talking about their products too soon actually causes the customer to raise objections. Listening and asking the right questions brings a customer toward their own urgency to find solutions.

We believe that the best sellers are those genuinely invested in the success of their customers.

With this misplaced focus, they fail to understand the wide array of customers’ needs, partner with them and provide value.
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How to fix it

  • We use models, techniques, and tactical examples to help sellers conduct effective conversations.
We'll help you:
  • Open a meeting with intent and impact.
  • Ask compelling questions to determine a customer’s needs/interests.
  • Position capabilities in a way that aligns to a customer’s stated needs.
  • Advance sales cycles forward.
We help break down complex decision-making.
We're here for account prioritization, funnel management, and customer acumen. We've got an arsenal for advancing sales cycles and increasing engagement with stakeholders.
This includes:
  • Tools to understand the different personas, buyer preferences, stakeholder types, etc.
  • Strategies for aligning many decision makers to gain consensus.
  • Understanding the desired outcomes of an organization, market pressures, and required capabilities.

Other Areas of Focus

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