Manager Coaching and Team Performance

Challenges we help others with

  • Establishing consistent behaviors across your sales organization.
  • Equipping managers to consistently identify the factors that drive success by individual.
  • Providing the data managers need to figure out where to focus their coaching efforts. Managers are often guessing at the strengths and gaps in their team.
  • Slowing managers from jumping in to take over every sales call instead of maintaining role as a coach.
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Our Take

When your coaches lack consistency in what and how they coach, your customers’ experience follows suit.

With this misplaced focus, they fail to understand the wide array of customers’ needs, partner with them and provide value.
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If your managers don't model your org's desired behaviors and skills, you're in trouble.

This undermines behavioral change and development efforts.
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Many managers are just promoted from sales positions.

Does this guarantee they know how to manage a team or develop an individual? Absolutely not.
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Managers often think their job is to be ‘super salespeople’.

But when they default to rescuing reps anytime things go away, they miss the opportunity to better equip their team to succeed in future interactions.

There’s a time to be a coach, and there’s a time to assist with the sale.

The best managers know which hat to wear when.
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When developing salespeople, managers need to be involved in their sellers’ learning process.

They can’t just sit back and assume that ”the training took care of it”. A good manager needs to know what to model and reinforce in order to keep their sellers accountable.
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How to fix it

We teach your managers how to model the desired behaviors and skills.
We're here for account prioritization, funnel management, and customer acumen. We've got an arsenal for advancing sales cycles and increasing engagement with stakeholders.
We equip your managers with the tools they need to cultivate and maintain critical behaviors across their teams.
We provide managers actionable data that they can work with to guide what they're doing with their sales team.
With this data, you can tailor an individual approach to development.
We're about more than each individual coach.
Developing a coaching "culture" is the true marker of a world-class sales organization.

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