Know your customer well enough to
anticipate their needs.

Establish a level of partnership that makes
you a part of their team.

Deliver value and ideas so powerful they call you before their people.

What are our core beliefs?

We are a training and consulting group dedicated to the pursuit of one critical question: how can we make your sales organization stand out and succeed?
The devil is in the details.
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Coaches are often ineffective. And we know why.
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At Sales Rampage our mission is to amplify, not replace.
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We enable learning where it counts most: on the job.
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Developing agile, high performing people to excel in today's dynamic markets.

Fused is the Sales Rampage sister company that specializes in crafting workplace learning systems and in-person training experiences to maximize the impact on your organization - by focusing on improving the day-to-day performance of your people. We work with AI and cutting-edge technology to optimize your team's performance.
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Our Teams

Consulting & Design

  • Business needs analysis
  • Learning and modernization strategies
  • Instructional and curricula design
  • Reinforcement and job pull-through strategies


  • Graphic design and user experience
  • Video, eBooks and rich media production
  • Creative writing and communications
  • eLearning and immersive coursework
  • Simulation design and development


  • Live and virtual instructor-led facilitation
  • Individual and team coaching and reinforcement
  • Learning and performance analytics
We are global. We have a global network of consultants, vendors and contractors that we work with every day.
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Areas of Focus

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Negotiation and

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Business Acumen

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Sales & Account Management

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Manager Coaching and Team Performance

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