Business Acumen

Challenges we help others with

  • Understanding the business drivers and sought-after outcomes.
  • Communicating the financial impact and ROI of products and solutions.
  • Struggling to analyze customer financials to identify key issues.
  • Delivering insights to your customer on current trends to demonstrate credibility, experience and value.
  • Preparing salespeople to deliver with impact.
  • Launching products from a customer-outcome perspective.
Our Take

Most salespeople come in without a strong business background.

While they may be experts on their own product, they don’t naturally intuit the mechanics of their customers’ business.

Many sellers don't know the trends and pressures in the marketplace.

Many sellers also don’t understand how their customers actually make money.

Even worse, salespeople often don’t understand how their own companies make money

and how small changes to terms and conditions have a huge impact on profitability.

There’s a world of information available: quarterly earnings, press releases, social media, competitor information.

But this data is only helpful if your sellers know how to leverage this access.
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How to fix it

Even if your salespeople aren’t naturally wired for business, business acumen is teachable. You don’t have to hire an army of MBAs.
We give your sellers a business mindset. This leads to stronger connection with customers, asking better questions. This connection leads to a sales team that delivers more value.
We help you understand the impact and implications of a solution across all functions, roles and perspectives.
We help you create change up and downstream.
We show you how to quantify value and apply monetization principles,
These fast-track buying decisions, removing barriers that can stall sales.

Other Areas of Focus

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Sales & Account Management

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Negotiation and Dealmaking

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Manager Coaching and Team Performance

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