Negotiation and Dealmaking

Challenges we help others with

  • Protecting margins—stop giving away the farm.
  • Getting everything on the table and not “get surprised” at the agreed-upon terms and pricing at the end of a sales cycle.
  • How to monetize/quantify the full value of offerings as a negotiation lever.
  • Identifying a dead end faster. Getting to NO faster.
  • Shortening the negotiation time frame. Not having enough information is creating a back and forth that takes too long.
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Our Take

You need to uncover and anchor customer decision criteria.

Decision criteria are the core of any negotiation. Getting them on the table and prioritized is key to success.

Failure in negotiation is almost always due to a failure in the discovery process.

Shortcuts in the sales interactions before a negotiation will kill you every time.For example: Sellers fail to identify the what are the customer's unique needs, motivations, and opinions.
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Margin Erosion can easily be mitigated.

World class negotiators know how to build value throughout the sales cycle and have buyers quantify value of solutions, making it more difficult for buyers to pushback on pricing.
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How to fix it

We apply neuroscience principles to shape interactions that create less friction.
We make the salesperson aware of their personal negotiation tendencies so they can minimize what they are doing to make the negotiation more challenging
Research and engagement are critical.
The right question reveals the root of an individual's needs, reasoning, and decision criteria.
We help you align/leverage extensive customer knowledge to better inform negotiation strategy.
What are their validated issues, financial implications, etc? With these incorporated, you can build a strategy to include pricing strategies, concessions and tradeoffs.

Other Areas of Focus

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Sales & Account Management

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Business Acumen

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Manager Coaching and Team Performance

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